What are discount gift cards?

A discount gift card is a perfectly valid gift card sold at a rate less than the card's actual value. The original recipient chose to exchange an unwanted gift card for cash, and gift card resellers offer the card at a discount for others to purchase.

What are gift card resellers?

Gift card resellers are companies that purchase unwanted gift cards and sell them at a discount. Gift Card Exchange Day works with ABC Gift Cards, Cardpool and other reputable resellers to offer a variety of rates in exchange for unused cards.

Is it legal to exchange gift cards for cash?

Yes! Gift cards are non-refundable but are legally transferable to anyone. Gift cards were developed to be given away and used by others, so exchanging them for cash allows resellers to do just that.

How do I know that I'm working with a reputable reseller?

Gift Card Exchange Day™ services only features gift card resellers that are known to be legitimate, trustworthy and reliable. The event uses the same resellers featured on Gift Card Granny, the year-round gift card marketplace site that connects buyers and sellers of discounted gift cards.

How can I find out how much money is left on my gift card?

Use the balance check page on the Gift Card Exchange Day™ website to find the merchant associated with your card and access their balance checker tool. If a website is unavailable, a phone number is provided for your use.

How can I find out what resellers will pay for my gift card?

On Dec. 26, enter the merchant name and amount associated with your gift card and click "submit." You will receive bids immediately from several resellers. Select the reseller with the amount you're willing to receive in exchange for your gift card, and you will be redirected to their website to complete the transaction.