The mission of Gift Card Exchange Day is to reduce the staggering amount of unused gift cards by facilitating the exchange of cards for cash. The event strives to provide gift card recipients with the most money for their cards and to educate consumers about the option to trade gift cards for cash.


Gift Card GrannyGift Card Exchange Day is an annual one-day event where gift card recipients can trade their unwanted gift cards for cash. Hatched by the creators of Gift Card Granny, Gift Card Exchange Day is designed to provide consumers with instant access to bids from resellers eager to restock their depleted gift card inventory after the holidays.

Gift cards are the most requested item on holiday wish lists, a trend that has continued over the past five years. However, over $1.7 billion in gift cards went unused in 2012. With billions in unused gift cards collecting dust every year, the need for Gift Card Exchange Day is self-evident.

The process for trading gift cards for cash is simple. Gift Card Exchange Day partners with reputable gift card resellers, or companies that purchase unwanted gift cards to resell them at a reduced rate.

On Dec. 26, gift card holders can enter the retailer name and amount associated with their card and receive bids instantly. Once an agreeable price has been found, there's nothing left to do but drop the card in the mail and wait for the cash.


For more information about Gift Card Exchange Day, please contact us at pr@giftcardgranny.com or 970-818-5320.

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