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What Is Gift Card Exchange Day?

Big brand stores make millions from the unused gift cards sitting idle in our wallets and drawers. Gift Card Exchange Day is an annual event on Dec. 26 that seeks to educate consumers about their options for selling unwanted gift cards. Learn more about exchanging gift cards for cash in the video below.


Why December 26?

The bounty of Christmas yields one or more gift cards for most Americans, but many times these well-intentioned items aren't exactly what you were hoping for.

Resellers recognize this and offer cold-hard cash to help you turn your gift card into what you really wanted to receive.

December 26th makes the perfect day to hold the event since resellers inventories are low and recent gift card acquisitions are fresh in your mind. The goal is to make sure no gift card gets forgotten when it could've been turned into something cool.

How Does it Work?

Let's say Aunt Marge gives you a gift card to Outback Steakhouse for Christmas. Problem is, you've been a vegetarian since you were five; the sight of red meat makes you green, and not in a festive way.

Where can you find those interested in buying your unwanted gift cards? Gift Card Exchange Day™ services make finding and connecting with gift card buyers easy and convenient.

Instead of tossing the card in your sock drawer, just visit this site on Dec. 26.

Simply enter the merchant name and amount, click "Get Offers," and instantly receive offers from companies that will buy your gift card. Once you receive the cash, you can buy what you really want: a subscription to Vegetarian Times for Aunt Marge.

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